Our Difference

What makes Customized CARE different?

Our People and Our Guarantee to make you happy!

Every one of our caregivers loves their job.  They want to help!

staff-caresIt is wonderful when family and friends can help each other.  Sometimes we cannot do it all.  We need to recharge and take care of other responsibilities and ourselves. When we do, we can give the best part of ourselves to the ones we love.

I understand.  I was a caregiver to my Grandfather and Grandmother.  My mother was my grandmother’s primary caregiver for years.  I saw my mom at her best when she was rested.  She was able to give her best when she was at her best.

Customized CARE wants to support your family.  You have a choice in your care, and I would consider it a privilege if you would choose us!

We have GREAT people!

Recently the wife of one of our clients died.  His family was from out of state.  Not only did the girls attend the funeral but two of our employees made a pot roast dinner for the out of state family to enjoy after the funeral.  Our client was touched as was the family.

Customized CARE made sure they were rewarded for their thoughtful act and commended the behavior.  That’s the kind of people we hire.  That is the Customized Care family.

We want everyone involved to be comfortable with the choices you make for your loved one.   This is your life, your health and your happiness.

What can we do to make you happy?